SIMON-CLERC_Nathalie_512x512Telling or writing stories, creating newspapers for my friends, being a journalist, has always been my main dream. Today, after an experience in management, my dream becomes true.

Graduated in journalism from university of Montréal, graduated in economy from university of Paris-Dauphine, I’m a freelance journalist for TC-Média, La Presse, Radio-Canada and other media, and editor-in-chief of l’Outarde libérée, a french canadian webmagazine, to bring french and quebecan people closer.

I’m a video-journalist too, and I broadcast my reports on my YouTube channel, here.

Politics, economy, sport, arts and new technologies, … I love all these themes, because they rule the world.

I’m both french and canadian, and I’m always aware of american and europeen news.

I’m not good enough in english to report in it, but I can lead interviews in english to report in french.

So, contact me for your reports !

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